Our Capability

Heritage Group is a set of construction companies that together encompass the whole of the construction process from the inception to completion and maintenance; ensuring a consistent high level quality and lowering costs, making us one of the most competitive companies in the construction industry market place. Our Team is broad based and versatile; there is hardly any kind of construction works we cannot undertake given the strength of our expertise. Heritage is structured to directly provide all the major services required from a main contractor. We help clients to source and facilitate low interest rate development loan to finance our ‘contactor finance’ projects. This unique in-house capability means that; projects which ordinarily would have dropped-out due to finance now have a chance. Our clients not only benefit during building works but can also rely on us for robust pre-construction advice, an experience dedicated aftersales support, post –construction and occupational facility service supports. Our professional planners, estimators, surveyors and other specialist consultants work as a team to provide a robust and well-considered tender for each project. Consequently, we are able to take designs at an early stage and provide a qualification free and fixed-price offer within a matter of weeks. Each tender includes full programs and logistics plans having been reviewed by our in-house safety department and construction specialists. From substructures, mechanical designs and installations through to envelope and fit-out packages, we are able to control and deploy our own team member, equipment and trades people efficiently whilst also providing our clients flexibility at profoundly high quality and cost efficiency.